Management shouldn’t be more stressful than treating clients.
We put therapists first so you can put clients first.

Before starting Anchor Point of Hope, we came from the traditional agencies where management was more stressful than patient care, and it routinely took months to get paid for services. We saw this resulted in burnt out clinicians and less availability for patients. Having experienced this ourselves, we decided to put clinicians first so you can put patients first, providing them with the care they deserve. Our user-friendly EHR system has minimal paperwork and quick billing, giving you more time to see patients and have a healthy work/life balance. Here, you'll find leadership eager to support you and those you serve. Simply put, we have systems in place to make counseling better for all.


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We're always looking for great clinicians and Interns !

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Individual and Marriage Therapist

Anchor Point of Hope Counseling Services is adding individual and marriage therapists to our telehealth network. Telehealth therapists use a HIPAA compliant video and audio platform to meet with clients virtually, as opposed to face-to-face visits in an office setting.

Why go virtual? No more lost hours stuck in your office when you have holes in your schedule or when clients have a last-minute cancelation. Telehealth therapy enables you to be more efficient with your day and your clients to have more accessible care from the comfort of their homes. Live in a different time zone? We’ll help you get cross-licensed in Michigan so you can see clients during your daytime hours, and their evening hours, contributing to a healthier work/life balance for you.

We're committed to creating an environment where you feel valued and supported as a clinician while you invest in clients, helping them achieve their goals and improve their mental health.

Our ideal therapist:

  • Strong independence and a self-starter
  • Experience in faith-based marriage counseling is a plus, as we have many requests for this
  • Understands the requirements for ethically diagnosing and billing individual insurance when working with a couple
  • Passion to help individuals and couples from diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • Competence in the use of evidence-based practices such as CBT, ACT, DBT, CPT, Motivational Interviewing, and trauma-informed approaches
  • Desires flexibility with work schedule
  • Committed to creating and sustaining a professional reputation to help build a client base
  • Organized and prompt with paperwork
  • Follows ethical standards according to their professional board